Glasses Fairy

What is the glassesfairy all about?

The Glasses Fairy is an enchanting story about a young fairy who doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up. That is until she needs to wear glasses, then with a little help from the Fairy Godmother the Glasses Fairy is created. The Glasses Fairy visits children who have been wearing their glasses and gives them a reward at night.

The story comes as a fully illustrated children’s book, with parents notes at the back, aimed at helping parents help their children to wear glasses.

Why is it needed?

• With as few as 14% of children wearing their glasses when they should and research agreeing that boys are less likely to wear their glasses than girls, anything that encourages your child to wear theirs is beneficial. Getting your child to wear their glasses as prescribed is a battle worth fighting, but doesn’t have to be stressful!
• The Glasses Fairy is the only book available for parents with research based evidence providing step by step guidelines on encouraging your child to wear their glasses
• A great book if your child needs to wear glasses
• Practical tips if your child is resisting wearing their glasses
• Easy to read and follow advice
• £1 from every book sale is donated to Sightsavers International (www.sightsavers.org)

What are people saying about the glasses fairy?

“This helpful little book explains to kids and adults why glasses are really really important. For kids this is about getting rewards from the Glasses Fairy. For adults this is about allowing their children to develop their best possible eyesight for the rest of their lives.”
Mr Alastair Denniston Consultant Ophthalmologist

The Glasses Fairy is a great book for children who are not sure about wearing glasses AND for their parents. It combines an encouraging and engaging story with advice to parents based on tried and tested behavioural theory which really works. Sarah Denniston Paediatric Consultant

The Glasses Fairy is a great book for parents and young children. Sheila Wilde Health Visitor

The Glasses Fairy is a wonderful story book for children and contains excellent information for parents to help them achieve full time glasses wearing with their child. Full time glasses wearing is essential to achieve the best improvement in vision for your child. Sarah Brown Advanced Specialist Orthoptist