If your child is long sighted they may also suffer from a squint (where one eye turns either in or out). Your health professional will talk you through the options that are available to treat this. For non-surgical treatment a ‘patch’ is regularly used. This covers the stronger eye and encourages the weaker eye to work harder and improve its vision. It is used to encourage binocular vision (seeing out of both eyes). While often frustrating for your child, as the vision can be blurred, this is a really important part of your child’s eye care and needs to be carried out consistently.

What you can do to help with patching:

• expect them to wear a patch;
• use positive reinforcement through the Glasses Fairy rewards;
• use the Glasses Fairy patching chart (download for free below) to reinforce the magic and maintain consistency;
• distract them when they wear the patch; with fun activities;
• phone the Glasses Fairy to tell her how well they are doing;
• be reassured that reinforcing patching, no matter how difficult, is really worthwhile as it does have a significant impact on your child’s longer term vision.

If they are struggling to wear their patch for any length of time use the techniques outlined in the ‘what if they refuse to wear their glasses’ section of the Glasses Fairy book as the principles are the same.

You can download FREE colour Glasses Fairy patching charts here add a button- which then downloads a gorgeous patching chart (currently finishing design)